Concrete Crack Repair with Shotcrete

Until today, there have been many various ways that can be done to handle a cracked concrete floor or foundation. In general, there are four ways to get it done, those four ways are patching, grouting, injection, and shotcrete. Among other methods, the shotcrete is the newest one that also currently being popular within the contractor communities.

Concrete crack repair

Even though this method is getting more popular these days, there are still many people who do not understand about the definition and even the process of using the shotcrete concrete for a house. Hence, here we give you a brief explanation of this method including the materials and the progress of both building and reparation.

As we can see from its name, the concrete crack repair and building that use the shotcrete method is done by a shot of the materials. This method is effective to build a strong and deep bottom structure of a floor or foundation which can be covering up to 7 cm in a large range. In other ways, excluded from its function for a concrete crack repair, the shotcrete method is usually used as a structural layer of an iron string or as a combination of an anchor.

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