Useful In Using Internet Quotas With These Two Ways

The internet network is certainly needed by everyone and will definitely be used for the various activities they are doing. Although in the village, there are many people who also need it. So, the internet desa will help them a lot. unfortunately, Internet quota can usually run out just like that.

To avoid it, there are several ways you can do to make your internet quota is not easy to run out and you lose money because of it. Some ways you can use it

– Do not use the internet when the bad signal
Do you often wait for your browser when loading? Never use the internet if your signal is bad, it’s just like you throw the quota away. The most appropriate condition is when your carrier network in 3G or even 4G.

– Buy premium apps
Some applications on Android does offer two versions of free and premium. Nothing wrong if you use the application with the premium version.