Some Things You Need To Look In Caring for Vehicle Batteries

The battery is a very important part of the vehicle. Both the motor and the car require this component to work properly and optimally. The function of the battery as a maintainer and jump starter should be able to function properly so that all vehicles can run with the maximum.

For that reason, the battery should always be cared for and properly maintained in order to work maximally in providing electricity to all parts of the vehicle. In battery care, there are some things you should look at. Some of these things are

– Check the electrolyte height every two months, use the right battery water and do the filling properly. Do not use rain water to charge the battery because it has high mineral content and can damage the battery elements. Make sure the battery water is alive between the upper and lower levels. This battery will work for the cooling of the cell elements in the battery when water is reduced it will cause the components of this cell element to be damaged.

– Caring for battery terminals on a regular basis, checking for corrosion can be cleaned by water with hot water and use a brush to ensure good connectivity and avoid any damaged parts.

– check the battery performance, it will arise a problem when traveling far or when the machine starts up. If you have finished driving then turn off the first device that contains electricity and then turn off the machine.

– Beware of potentially dangerous sulfuric acid. Its content can cause an explosion and the skin becomes irritated and even can burn the skin. Preferably use a reasonable glove and protective glove with a garment material that can protect you from the chemical properties.

– At the time of opening or charging the battery, make sure the location is not close to the flammable material and make sure the epilog on the battery is closed tightly to ensure that the surroundings will be safe from the battery you will open.