Recognize the Cheese of Your Choice

Once in our lifetime, surely at least we ever eat cheese! Cheese does have a unique taste and evocative appetite. Its unique salty and savory taste makes it popular with many people. There are a lot of delicious foods and a favorite of many people who use the main ingredients of cheese. Even so, all foods made from cheese is not necessarily using the same type of cheese you know! Cheese also has a variety of types based on taste, ingredients and also its function. If you want to try cooking processed cheese, eat you must know these types of cheese. First is the parmesan cheese, Cheese that comes from Parma, Italy is included into the type of solid cheese / hard cheese. Parmesan cheese made of cow’s milk and pale yellow. Generally, the cheese is mature and ready to be processed after 3 months, but some are left to mature for one year. Parmesan cheese is usually sold in powder form. Generally, this cheese is applied as a mixture of cheese on pasta, spaghetti, pizza, salad, soup, and also some pastries like kastengels. To cut each cheese, you are required to wear a special knife, for example as BlizeTec Multipurpose Knives has created a pair of knives that are meant to go together. The knives have the same side and diminishing assets, but one has slots in the knife that make it look like it is made of Switzerland. You can get more info in here.

Another cheese you should know is cheddar cheese if this one cheese you must be very familiar is not it? Cheddar cheese is indeed one of the most popular types of cheese, even in our own country. Cheese cheddar is a cheese that comes from the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England. This cheese is also made from cow’s milk and is included in the hard cheese type. If the cheddar cheese is young, the color looks pale yellow and not too hard. However, if the age gets older then the color will be more yellow and texture harder. Cheddar cheese alone contains as much as 48% fat. In general, this cheese is used as the main ingredient to make cakes and food. Another common cheese you eat is Mozzarella cheese. This one cheese is of course very easy to recognize. If you find food or cake in hot heat then there is melted cheese, soft texture, flexible and elastic, that’s mozzarella cheese!

This cheese is also from Italy. Mozzarella is normally made from cow’s fluid or buffalo milk. The texture is soft and tastes so creamy. Fresh mozzarella cheese is used for sprinkling foods such as pizza, pasta, rice baked, lasagna, macotelnos schotel, etc. When using mozzarella cheese, should serve in a warm, because if it is cold mozzarella cheese will re-harden.