Tips for gamers who want to appreciate the developers and themselves

Imagine the people who have struggled to make games with big money capital, brain drained of mind, and energy and sweat for months, or even years. We live just to buy a game copy of the plowman at a very cheap price. Game developers can not do anything, game gangster villains can be big money and rich. We finally get sins. Meanwhile, perhaps you want to buy the smurfs accounts for LOL at which are unranked and also at the lv 30.

If you do not have much money, try not to play commercial games that are distributed not free. Find games that are free or free license. On the internet, we can download free games, demos, and games that can be played online directly on the internet without installing his game.

Love Your Body

If a game makes us dizzy because the game’s point of view is not in accordance with the ability of our brain, immediately stop and do not play again. Why do we play games but make our bodies become sick?

It could be a game that plays a sore, tired and weak if played too long. Can also make our fingers hurt and many other body complaints. Essentially we have to know the limits of our body resistance to existing games. Do not play too many games that are not good for our bodies.

Don’t forget to eat and drinks

It’s true that everyone knows that eating and eating are vital for their survival. Unfortunately, some gamers will be drowned in the games that they’re playing, and when it happens, they often to neglect their basic needs and this can be very dangerous. In the extreme cases, even some of them must be hospitalized, and the rarer cases have shown us that neglecting the basic needs for gaming can also cost the gamers their lives.

Therefore, no matter how good the games are, if you really love yourself and you want to play the game again tomorrow, just don’t forget to take care of yourself properly.