3 Useful tips for buying a new smartphone

If you intend to buy a new smartphone to replace your old gadget, of course, you need to create a sort of list that you will make as a guide in buying. You can consider what you really need from a smartphone device. So, you will not regret if the smartphone you bought did not match what you expected. Well, here are 3 things that should not escape your attention if buying a new smartphone. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the trusted phone wholesale Singapore online.

Let’s see the tips below:

1. The capacity of RAM and battery.

Large RAM capacity, of course, makes smartphone multitasking performance more comfortable and minimal lag. If you are the type of smartphone users who like to open a variety of applications, you should choose a smartphone with a capacity of at least 2GB of RAM.

To ensure a more comfortable multitasking experience, a smartphone with 3GB of RAM should be considered. In addition to RAM, the problem of battery life is very important but often ignored by consumers.

At least the smartphone that you seek at least has a capacity of 3000mAh battery. Will be better if the smartphone has a feature of fast charging or wireless charging capabilities.

2. The operating system used.

After the year 2017, it is better you target the smartphone with the operating system is still fairly new. For example, a smartphone using Android OS 7.0 Nougat or iOs 10 on Apple-made devices.

However, you can still consider the smartphone that is still using the old OS really. Provided that the phone gets guaranteed an upgrade to a newer level.

Selection of smartphones that use the new OS certainly has advantages such as compatible with the latest applications, security guarantees and new features that do not exist in the previous OS.

3. Features on the smartphone that you really need.

Well, this is the most important. Surely you want to buy a smartphone that you really need and can support your productivity every day.

Nowadays, many smartphone manufacturers already dare to reveal their product sales target. You just need to pay attention to products that are really designed for your needs.

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